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St John’s Photography Project


Project plans

The Centre wants to raise £5000 to carry out a photography project at the centre.

The Aim of the project is

Recruit and commission a young local recently qualified photographer to produce a series of images which will identify the community in which we live in Walworth London

To produce 12 pictures of high resolution which can be enlarged to size 3ft x 3 ft. to be printed onto large fireproof canvass which will then be put up in the St Johns Centre, Larcom Street.

To hold an exhibition session of all the photographs taken. Showcasing the skills of a young local photographer and the local community in which we live.

Produce the canvasses and Install in the St Johns Centre, Larcom Street.


Photographer Cost of the materials for the production of images Exhibition stands and materials Photos onto canvas Installation of the photographs and interpretation plaque

Total project costs £ 4,490


• Recruitment and appointment of the photographer -June/July 2019
• Photographer takes images from July 2019 – September 2019
• Selection of photographs for exhibition and canvases – October 2019
• Exhibition – November 2019
• Installation of the photographs – December
• Launch – January 2020

Project Fund raise April/May 2019 – Project start June 2019 conclude January 2020


There will be 12 photographic images installed in the St Johns Centre.

There will be an exhibition of photographs

The young person will have direct experience of delivering photography exhibition and images for display.

If you would like further more detailed project please contact toniasirati@stjohnscentre.co.uk

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