Use of the Ground Community Hall Q & A

Here are a few Questions and Answers to help you understand the essentials of hiring the Hall

How much does the hall cost?

This is negotiated with community groups. It is a standard price for one off bookings of £30 per hour.

How late can we have the hall?

The centre is in a residential area with the closest house backing directly onto the hall wall. We cannot intrude on the people later than 9 pm.

Is there a kitchen which can be used during bookings?

Yes there is a kitchen which is part of the booking. It can be used for food storage and distribution. It is not suitable for catering for large events but it is suitable for warming up food.

How much notice do we need to give to use the hall?

Clearly for any celebration it is better to book and confirm as soon as possible? If you make a booking you will have a hiring agreement sent to you which will outline your date and costs associated with the booking. You return this as soon as possible and we will then confirm you have the facility.

How do we book the hall?

You must make an enquiry through the office telephone number or the email link on the web

Are the ground floor toilets for public use?

No. The toilets are for the private bookings or the community groups who have agreed access to the resources.

Is there a toilet for people with disabilities?

Yes there is a toilet on each floor for people with special physical needs.

Is there an outside area?

No there is no outside areas and we discourage people from spilling out onto the pavement as there are neighbours to consider.

Is there a caretakers?

Yes there is a care taker who will make sure the hall is ready for you to use when you need it and lock up when you have finished

Are there tables and chairs?

Yes there are tables and chairs for 80 – 100 people maximum.

Do you have internet access?

No there are no provision in the hall for internet services.

Is there parking?

The area is an M1 parking zone during the week and there are no restrictions on the weekends. Parking is the responsibility of the individual.

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